Strategic Plan: Priority 4

Ensure that our collections embrace equity, reflect diverse populations and adapt to meet clinical care, research and educational needs. 

The library will develop our collections to support the changing needs of the campus community, including open scholarship and open education. We will pursue both open access and digitization strategies to foster increasingly equitable access to knowledge. We will embark on responsive partnerships with campus and community stakeholders to fill gaps in our collections.  


  • Develop a plan to audit the library collections holistically to identify gaps created by systemic inequities in publishing and curation.
  • Incorporating new modalities of input, cultivate partnerships with academic units and other stakeholders to identify areas where the collection should grow to support our users.
  • Reimagine our support for archival processing to increase our capacity and throughput.


  • Increase and improve access to strategic collections through digitization and securing publishing and re-use rights as appropriate.


  • Strengthen support, outreach and advocacy for community-centered archiving practices, particularly in Sacramento, Solano and Yolo counties.
  • Support campus units and initiatives that share an interest in archiving community-driven collections to document overlooked histories and experiences.

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