University Archives

UC Davis has made tremendous contributions to knowledge and society in its 100-plus year history, and the UC Davis Library is the primary steward of that legacy. Through strategic acquisition, management, preservation and curation of faculty papers and research output, the library increases access to UC Davis research and highlights the impact of our faculty and researchers on their students, their disciplines, and the world. The library is also the university’s historian, maintaining an archive that tells the story of UC Davis — its leaders, notable alumni and campus life.   

The way information is gathered, shared and preserved is changing and we are reimagining the library to meet the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. Today we are leveraging the power of Big Data and modern technologies to provide access to knowledge, and to extract and connect data to catalyze discovery and use worldwide. Here are a few examples of University Archives and Institutional Asset projects, some of which were made possible by private donations and grants to the library.


To learn more about private support of the UC Davis Library and how you can help, please contact