California Aggie Newspapers

The UC Davis Library is launching an effort to digitize all issues of The California Aggie, starting with the first issue of the Agricola in 1915 through the present day.

Learn more below about the history of the Aggie and how you can support this effort to open up online access to a unique piece of UC Davis history. To make a gift to help digitize the Aggie archives visit our giving site.

Started in 1915 as The Weekly Agricola, The California Aggie student-run newspaper has been a constant part of campus life for over 100 years. Dozens of students from a wide variety of backgrounds work to regularly publish the newspaper, which returned to print in 2016 after several years of web-based publication only.

The impact of digitizing the archives of the Aggie

Once digitized, the library will share the archive through a web interface that allows readers to flip through issues online or search the full text by keyword. Users will also be able to print and download individual articles or entire issues.

This project will enable students, researchers, alumni and others to take a look back at the rich history of UC Davis as reported by its students.

A training ground for journalists

2017 Pulitzer Prize winners and UC Davis alumni, Matthias Gafni ’98 and Angela Ruggiero ’10, both write for the East Bay Times now, but got their start writing for the Aggie. Gafni attributes his journalism career to the Aggie, which he says was the basis for his newfound love in a difficult, yet rewarding field. Click here to read the story.

“I owe a ton of my journalism career to the CA Aggie. That’s how I learned to become a reporter.”

— Matthias Gafni, 2017 Pulitzer Prize winner

How you can help

This project will only be possible with the generosity of private donors. To support our efforts to digitize the archives of the Aggie, visit our giving site.

If you would like to help the library connect with former Aggie staff, please contact Jane Fortner, Assistant Director of Development, Library and Student Affairs at (530) 754-0933 or

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A glimpse into the archives

The inaugural issue of The Weekly Agricola (September 29, 1915) dates back to when Davis was still the University Farm, not yet its own UC campus.


This Picnic Day Edition from 100 years ago proclaims that Picnic Day will go on despite the outbreak of World War I. The front page also includes a welcome message from Colby E. “Babe” Slater, who was the General Chairman of Picnic Day and later became UC Davis’ first Olympic gold medalist.


During World War II, the Army Signals Corps used the entire UC Davis campus, including the library, as a training facility for the Army Signal Corps. The Main Reading Room in Shields Library was used as a place for specialized instruction in radio and wire operation and repair.


This issue from the 1980s addressed how some of the social issues at the time, such as the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, touched the campus. The front page also features an article regarding animal rights activists being arrested.


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