Experts and Innovators

To advance the recruitment and retention of the best and brightest, it is incumbent that we have endowed positions at the UC Davis Library. Funds to support endowed positions will allow us to have the permanent source of funding needed to hire and retain the experts and innovators that our students and faculty need.

By supporting endowed positions, donors have the potential to positively influence the whole academic and learning experience at UC Davis. These experts will be problem-solvers and service-oriented intellectuals that deeply believe in the land-grant mission of UC Davis. They will provide our students with one-on-one research support, create innovative digital platforms for collecting data, and help researchers find unexpected solutions by connecting archival collections to current discoveries, among other things.

Funds for endowed positions enable us to recruit experts who will help students and researchers unearth knowledge and information in new ways – which, in turn, will allow them to take their academic and research pursuits to a higher level.

Meet MacKenzie Smith, whose leadership and vision sets the tone for innovation at the library.


To learn more about private support of the UC Davis Library and how you can help, please contact