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The UC Davis Library was last renovated nearly 30 years ago. Since then, the way students study and interact with information has changed drastically — including the introduction of broad-based access to the Internet and the use of digital technology for research and collaboration.

The UC Davis Library experiences more than 1.6 million visits each year, 93 percent of which are students. That number continues to grow as the university seeks to increase its student body population to 35,000 by 2020.

Watch how students today use the Peter J. Shields Library, by day and by night.

The UC Davis Library plans to renovate its flagship, the Peter J. Shields Library, to better meet the needs of students, faculty and researchers of today and tomorrow.

Through a year-long visioning process, we invited the campus community into a conversation about how our library space can best meet their needs. The vision we created together includes a wide range of spaces to support learning in all its forms:

  • Study oases with more comfortable furniture conducive to the many hours that today’s students commit to studying
  • Flexible spaces with moveable walls that enable students to create the size and space shape they need in that moment for collaborative group work
  • Technology-enabled spaces that facilitate experiential learning and exploration through digital media and data visualization
  • Presentation and meeting spaces that encourage idea-sharing by providing new places for students, researchers and faculty to talk about their work

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UC Davis today is an interactive, interdisciplinary place where students work together more than ever as they work toward their degree. As the academic heart of the university, the library is evolving to better accommodate the many ways in which teaching, learning and discovery flourish on campus today.

We invite you to explore. Visit. And join us in transforming the library for the 21st century.

To learn more about how you can help create new spaces for UC Davis students in the library, including naming opportunities, contact Jane Fortner, Assistant Director of Development, Library and Student Affairs at (530) 752-9842 or

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William Garrity
Deputy University Librarian and Chief Operating Officer


Shields Library


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