About Requesting Materials

You must have an Aeon account to request Special Collections materials. Anyone can create a free Aeon account to conduct research at Archives and Special Collections. We have integrated Aeon into our Library Search catalog and online finding aids on the Online Archive of California (OAC). We highly recommend searching for and paging our materials through these systems to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Material can be requested in advance of your visit, or in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Requests made for materials stored onsite generally take 10-30 minutes to retrieve.

Most of our manuscript and University Archives collections are stored offsite. Requests for those collections must be requested at least 10+ business days in advance.  Please check your Aeon account to confirm that the item is ready for your use before visiting our Reading Room.

To ensure that we serve all researchers’ needs in a fair and timely manner, there is currently a request limit of 7 active requests per researcher. After submitting 7 requests in Aeon, you will not be able to submit additional active requests until you have finished with at least one existing request. The request limit does not apply to duplication orders or permission requests.


Email SpecColl@ucdavis.edu with any questions regarding your requests.