Frequently Asked Questions About Duplication/Permissions

How do I order a reproduction of an item I found online?

Follow the steps outlined in the Requesting Photocopies or Scans page.


What constitutes “personal research use” versus “publication”?

Posting duplicated materials on blogs, websites, or social media constitutes publication. Use of duplicated materials for general class presentations is considered Personal Research Use.


How will I receive my photocopies or scans?

Reproductions can be mailed or picked up in person during Special Collections open hours. Digital scans and pdfs can be delivered electronically, and will be available for you to download at a link which will be sent after your order is complete. Please note files are available for download for 30 days before they are removed. 


How much does duplication cost?

Please see our current Duplication Fee schedules for prices.


How long will it take to get my order?

The turnaround time varies based on the requested service(s). Once payment has been received, staff will begin the work necessary to complete your request.  This may mean sending the physical item to our Digital Imaging Lab for new photography, having the physical item photocopied in-house, creating permissions paperwork, or some combination of those workflows.  If staff require any additional information prior to completing your order they will be in touch via email; otherwise, you will be contacted once your order is complete.


If I requested duplication of materials does that mean I can publish it?

Duplicated materials are supplied for personal research purposes only. Special Collections is not responsible for obtaining permission to copy or publish copyrighted materials. It is your responsibility to obtain permission from the copyright owner.


If copies requested are intended for publication, exhibition, or other public use now or in the future, it is your responsibility, in addition to obtaining copyright clearance from the copyright owner, to receive permission from Special Collections. You can access our Permission to Use Form from our Duplication Services page.