How to request materials from the Library Search Catalog

1. Use Library Search catalog for Special Collections materials.

2. ​Look for the SPECIAL COLLECTIONS link under the “Get It” section of the page.

3. Click on the SPECIAL COLLECTIONS link to initiate your request in Aeon.

4. Log in to Aeon using your Kerberos credentials (UC Davis Faculty, Staff and Students) or your Aeon username and password (Non-UC Davis affiliates).

5. Review the information in the New Request form and make any necessary changes. Most of the information should automatically be entered when requesting through Library Search.

6. Make sure the Volume/Container field is complete (if applicable).

  • Please only include ONE container per request form. Items are paged individually so each must have their own request form. If you need to request multiple containers from the same collection, please use the Clone Request feature.

7. Add any notes to Library staff in the Notes or Questions for Library Staff box.

8. Choose whether you want to place the request now (Anticipated Day of Visit) or if you want to save the request for later (Save for future consideration).

9. Click “Submit Request” to confirm.

10. Please note that any request you have placed in the “Save for future consideration” category is not processed until you select and submit it from the “Unsubmitted Requests” listing under the “Requests” menu in the left-hand navigational bar.

Email with any questions regarding your requests.