Ordering Photocopies or Scans from Library Search Catalog

To request duplication of materials in Special Collections follow these steps:

1. Locate the item’s record in the Library Search Catalog.

2. Request the item, following the steps outlined in the Request Materials section of the Special Collections Request System (Aeon) page.

3. When prompted, log in to your Aeon account.

4. Click the Switch to Duplication Form button.

5. You should now be viewing the Photoduplication Request form. Complete the required fields marked with a red asterisk.

6. Review the form and select your preferred format for duplication:

  • Photocopy: for paper delivery
  • PDF: for electronic delivery of photocopies
  • JPEG/TIFF: for a high resolution scan(s) for publication or exhibit

7. Check off all boxes that apply in regards to your duplication request (if applicable).

8. To add details, special requests, questions or notes, use the Special Requests/Questions? field. 

9. Click Submit Request.