Noling, A.W. Hurty-Peck Collection of Beverage Literature

Size of the Collection:

About 6,000 volumes and/or titles.

History of this Collection:

The collection was received as a donation from the family of A.W. Noling, an Indiana businessman who built a successful beverage flavoring firm, the Hurty-Peck Company, which was subsequently taken over by Universal Foods Corporation.

Overview/ Highlights of Collection:

Subjects include bottling, beverage manufacturing, flavors, and chemistry. Strengths in the collection include chocolate, tea, coffee, colas, and beer. A.W. Noling’s Beverage Literature: A Bibliography (Methuen, NJ: Scarecrow Press, 1971) is considered to be the most comprehensive bibliography on this subject to date, and was based in large part on this collection.

Items in the collection may be located through the library catalog by searching:

A.W. Noling HurtyPeck Collection of Beverage Literature