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A full-text collection of Medieval Manuscripts. “At the moment, the virtual library contains 333 manuscripts from 16 different libraries. The virtual library will be continuously updated and extended.”

A Network of electronic scientific and technical information created by scientists and research engineers active in their respective fields, all full-text searchable. Site is hosted by OSTI, Department of Energy.


Designed for those who need to know what’s happening to issues on Capitol Hill. From federal agency appropriations to comprehensive energy legislation, E&E Daily is the place insiders go to track their environmental and energy issues in Congress.

Coverage: January 2012 - present
Tags: Energy, Environmental Science, Government, News, Public Policy, Science

A late afternoon roundup providing coverage of all the breaking and developing policy news from Capitol Hill, around the country and around the world. A must-read for those who need to be ahead of the next day’s headlines.

Coverage: January 2012 - present
Tags: Energy, Environmental Science, Government, News, Public Policy, Science

Webcast program featuring in-depth interviews and analysis with compelling energy and environmental policy leaders.

Coverage: January 2012 - present
Tags: Energy, Environmental Science, Government, Media, News, Public Policy, Science

Fulltext collection of books, pamphlets and periodicals published in the United States 1639- 1800. All aspects of 17th and 18th century life in America and Europe (especially England). Based on Charles Evans’’ American Bibliography listing all known publications of the period; developed from the microform set of those titles, Evans Early American Imprints Series I.

Coverage: 1639-1800
Tags: History, United States Of America

This is a full-text collection of books, pamphlets and broadsides published in the United States in the first decades of the 19th century. When the collection is complete in 2007 (the first installment was released in August 2004), it will contain 36,000 primary sources on all aspects of early 19th century America. For 17th and 18th Century American material see Early American Imprints, Series I (1639-1800). Evans.

Coverage: Begun in August 2004, there will be monthly updates through July 2007.
Tags: History, United States Of America

Historic American newspapers from 1690-1900, parts 1 & 2: images and full-text content, drawn from the American Antiquarian Society and from the collections of other institutions and societies. Note: These parts can be searched separately using the following URLs. For Part 1: For Part 2: This search also includes UCD’s subscription to California’s Historical Newspapers which can be searched separately by clicking the link on the upper right of the search screen.

Coverage: 1690-1900
Tags: History, News, United States Of America

The EADA is a collection of electronic texts and links to texts originally written in or about the Americas from 1492 to approximately 1820. Published by by the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities.

Coverage: 1492-1820

EENA contains full text letters, diaries, memoirs and accounts of early encounters, centered on present-day Canada and the United States with some limited coverage of Mexico. Includes information on the peoples, places, environment, flora and fauna encountered. Of note are more than 9,000 Audubon prints from “The Birds of America” as well as the complete contents of the three-volume “The Quadrupeds of North America”.

Indexes citations and provides linked page images of works represented in the microfilm series Early English Books I and II, based on The Short-Title Catalogue (Pollard and Redgrave, 1475-1640); the Short-Title Catalog II (Wing, 1641-1700), The Thomson Tracts (1640-1661), and The Early English Books Tracts Supplements.

Early European Books traces the history of printing in Europe from its origins through the close of the seventeenth century. The resource represents a diverse array of printed sources and opens the door to some of the world’s most significant collections of early printed books. All works printed in Europe before 1701, regardless of language, fall within the scope of the project, together with all pre-1701 works in European languages printed further afield. Builds upon and complements Early English Books Online (EEBO) and is largely concerned with non-Anglophone materials; however, books in English or printed in the English-speaking world that are already represented in EEBO are not omitted from Early European Books where they form an integral element of the predominantly non-Anglophone collections that have been made available for digital capture. Full-colour, high-resolution (400 ppi) facsimile images scanned directly from the original printed sources. Each item in the collection is captured in its entirety, complete with its binding, edges, endpapers, blank pages, and any loose inserts.