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“As one of the world’s largest religions, Hinduism has become an increasingly important area of study today. Hinduism is related to all the major continuing and connected religions of India. About 80 per cent of India’s massive population regard themselves as Hindu, and there are approximately 30 million Hindus outside of India. The study of Hinduism is diverse—it combines religion, philosophy, history, and textual studies, as well as informing a variety of comparative studies. Because the field comprises so many varied aspects, research and scholarship is wide-reaching in its response to different interpretations. . . . students and researchers alike can rely on Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism to offer a reliable, up-to-date, and authoritative guide to the best literature in the field.”

Follow this link to see all the Oxford Bibliographies Online to which UCDavis subscribes.

BANCHE DATI DI PERIODICI DISPONIBILI ON LINE–This is an Italian language list of and links to (mostly)European journal and newspaper collections digitized by libraries and other institutions. It is especially useful for Italian publications.

The following newspapers collaborated with ProQuest to provide searchable indexes to their archives. Articles can then be read on microfilm (for the titles we own) or requested through Interlibrary loan. Note: while you can search the full text of the newspapers you cannot read these articles online; the links here are to indexes only, not full-text resources.

Citations to articles on the history of the world from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada, which are covered in America:history and life.) Indexes more than 2000 journals worldwide.

Coverage: 1967-present
Tags: Asia, History, Latin America

This site allows users to examine, manipulate and map data from the U.S. Censuses from 1790-1960. It is a powerful and easy-to-use resource produced by the Geospatial and Statistical Data Center at the University of Virginia Library.

Search the following Chadwyck-Healey databases: Palmer’s Index to The Times, 1790-1905 (with full text from 1800-1870) the Official Index to the Times, 1906-1980, and the Historical Index to The New York Times, 1851-1922.

Tags: History, News

Full text digital collection of publications of the United States Commission on Civil Rights, 1957 to current. All publications are pdf image documents and may be searched by title, subject and date. The project is a collaboration between the Thurgood Marshall Law Library at the University of Maryland, the Government Printing Office, and the USCCR.

Coverage: 1957 to current
Tags: Government, History, United States Of America

This is a good starting place when you want to identify European Archives of interest for your research.

This site consists of online primary sources in the following areas:

  • Abolition and Antislavery Movements Including the Underground Railroad
  • Civil War Philadelphia
  • Japanese American Internment and Redress
  • Immigration and Ethnicity

Historical Statistics of the United States (HSUS) is the long-awaited 4th edition of the landmark government reference tool, last published in 1975. This expanded digital edition (available also as a five-volume print edition) updates and expands the original tables and introduces dozens of new topics. HSUS was culled from more than 1,000 sources to produce nearly 2,000 tables containing some 37,000 time series covering virtually every quantifiable dimension of American history: agriculture, population, the economy, government, welfare and work. Some data from the 1975 edition have been extensively revised, and data determined to be unreliable or inaccurate have not been included. Each series is fully documented and placed in historical context by a scholar in the field. Tables can be downloaded and viewed, as well as graphed and merged into custom tables.

The 5-volume print edition of Historical Statistics of the United States is available in Shields Library Gov Info Reference and H/SS Reference (HA202 .H57) and the Agricultural and Resource Economics Library (HA202 .H57 2006)

HOE is a collection of meta-data focusing on historiographical writing of Early Modern Ottoman Europe (1500-1800). It brings together published and unpublished primary sources (chronicles, histories, hagiographies, inscriptions, maps…), as well as secondary material (“Main Section”). It also offers information on specific collections, as well as a wide variety of references to tools and resources useful to those navigating the research questions of Early Modern historiography (“Tool Section”).