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iBiology is a database of open-access free videos that share the excitement of modern biology and the process by which scientific discoveries are made, supporting educators who want to incorporate materials that illustrate the process and practice of science into their curriculum. It includes over 300 seminars and short talks by leading scientists.

Tags: Biology

ICE specializes in the development and dissemination of geospatial data and technologies; the development of robust data architectures dedicated to the cataloging of global environmental information; and the creation of decision support systems geared toward improving the capabilities of resource managers in a variety of sectors.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) is the world’s largest archive of digital social science data. ICPSR acquires, preserves, and distributes original research data. This site links to training and curricular material, and a database which provides access to publications based on ICPSR data holdings.

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More information on ICPSR and other social science data are available from theĀ Social Science Data Service

Collection of crystal structure data of inorganic compounds recorded in the literature of the field from 1913-present.

Coverage: -1913
Tags: Chemistry, Inorganic Crystal Structures

Provides access to full-text IEEE transactions, journals, conference proceedings, and standards and IEE/IET journals and conferences. Offers basic, advanced, author and table of contents searching.

Coverage: 1988-present, select journals 1950-present
Tags: Engineering, Technology

IIMP Full Text covers nearly all aspects of the world of music, from the most scholarly studies to the latest crazes. IIMP Full Text draws its current content from more than 370 international music periodicals from over 20 countries with over 60 Full Text titles. IIMP Full Text also includes retrospective coverage from over 185 periodicals dating back as far as 1874. Included in the current and retrospective content are 29 complete-run titles, from inception to the present (or final) issue, and many partial run titles. Most IIMP Full Text records in the current coverage contain an abstract, and additionally many IIMP Full Text records contain the corresponding full text of the original article.

Coverage: 1874-present
Tags: Music

IIPA Full Text draws content from more than 210 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals, and also indexes a variety of documents such as biographical profiles, conference papers, obituaries, interviews, discographies, reviews and events. The database covers a broad spectrum of the arts and entertainment industry-including dance, film, television, drama, theater, stagecraft, musical theater, broadcast arts, circus performance, comedy, storytelling, opera, pantomime, puppetry, magic and more. Full text contents are selective.

Coverage: 1864-present
Tags: Music

Evaluates and disseminates information on issues related to the scientific, technological, and ethical use of animals and related biological resources in research, testing, and education.

The IMechE Proceedings Archive 1847-1996 gives you full-text access to over 200,000 pages of unique material, including technical papers, meeting reports, technical drawings, and editorial comment from as far back as 1847.

Coverage: 1847-1996
Tags: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

The IMF Statistical Databases include International Financial Statistics, Direction of Trade Statistics, Government Finance Statistics, and Balance of Payments Statistics.

Approximately 32,000 time series covering more than 200 countries starting in 1948.

Statistical data from the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics, profiles on legal permanent residents, and on naturalized citizens, mapping information available in pdf as well as downloadable data formats. Statistics include numbers of immigratants, status, country of origin, etc. Data available from 2000, with archived information from the Yearbook of Immigration Statistics back to 1996.

The Index Islamicus database indexes literature on Islam, the Middle East and the Muslim world. Material cited in the Index Islamicus includes not only work written about the Middle East, but also about the other main Muslim areas of Asia and Africa, plus Muslim minorities elsewhere. Over 3,000 journals are monitored for inclusion in the database, together with conference proceedings, monographs, multi-authored works and book reviews. Journals and books are indexed down to the article and chapter level.

Coverage: 1906-current
Tags: History, Islam, Religion