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Describes art auction and rare book catalogs for sales from the late 16th century to scheduled auctions not yet held.

Tags: Art

Large interdisciplinary abstract and citiation database to academic journal literature, conference proceedings and books with broad coverage across the sciences and social sciences, includes citation tracking tools.

Coverage: full coverage from 1996-present, with selected coverage as far back as 1823
Tags: Art, Biology, Humanities, Multidisciplinary, Science, Social Science

Published by Alexander Street Press, this collection contains more than sixty volumes of lyric poetry written between 1789 and 1832 by fifty-one Scottish women. In addition, the database contains biographical, critical, and contextual information for each poet

This is a large full-text collection of classics pertaining to Chinese history.  Use the 授權使用 button to access the full (licensed) collection.

The creators of this database describe it as a project “to digitize all documents essential to research in traditional Sinology. . . .”


Comprehensive text which provides the comprehensive coverage of the molecular and metabolic underpinnings of a growing list of inherited diseases, as well as pathophysiology and treatment. This compendium of genetic disorders provides information from the entire field of genetics, benefiting researchers, educators, students, and clinicians.

Digital repository on coastal and marine topics with electronic versions of Sea Grant Publications under ten categories: coastal hazards; diving safety; education; responsible aquaculture; global warming; HACCP (FDA Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point programs); harmful algae; marine careers; Sea Grant history; and seafood safety/foodborne illnesses. Additional pre-designed workforms facilitate online searching of the entire Sea Grant database for information on either print or online Sea Grant publications on marinas, aquaculture, habitat restoration or education.

“The Seamen’s Church Institute has operated in the Port of New York since 1834. Over the years, SCI has adapted to meet the ever-changing needs of seafarers, anticipating and reacting to changes in the maritime industry and the Port of New York. Because of this, the story of SCI is inseparable from the story of the modern seafarer, as well as the story of the development of downtown Manhattan and the Port of New Jersey.”

The online archive includes Annual Reports and meeting minutes of the Institute and its predecessor, as well as photographs and more.

Tags: Religion, Sailors

A resource of searchable proceedings from many North American Animal Conferences (predominantly production animals).

Highly recommended for new EndNote users. Reviews how to set: display fonts (allowing viewing of references in various languages); EndNote Web integration; Find Full Text options; libraries to open during program start-up.

“Shamaa provides specialists and stakeholders free access to the educational publications produced in the Arab countries, by making them available on the Internet. The database includes bibliographic information, abstracts and, when available, the full text of educational studies published in Arabic, English or French.”

Coverage: 2007 - present
Tags: Arabia, Education

“Shared Shelf Commons is a free, open-access library of images.” Images are contributed by a growing number of academic institutions and cover a range of topics from Art, to historic maps to biodiversity.