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Comprehensive 12-volume work on all aspects of coastal and estuarine science.

Includes chapters as follows:
v. 1. Classification of estuarine and nearshore coastal ecosystems
v. 2. Water and fine sediment circulation
v. 3. Estuarine and coastal geology and geomorphology
v. 4. Geochemistry of estuaries and coasts
v. 5. Biogeochemistry
v. 6. Trophic relationships of coastal and estuarine ecosystems
v. 7. Functioning of ecosystems at the land-ocean interface
v. 8. Human-induced problems (uses and abuses)
v. 9. Estuarine and coastal ecosystem modelling
v. 10. Ecohydrology and restoration
v. 11. Management of estuaries and coasts
v. 12. Ecological economics of estuaries and coasts

The Office of Treaty Affairs provides guidance on all aspects of U.S. and international treaty law and practice. The Office manages the C175 process, under which the State Department approves the negotiation and conclusion of all international agreements to which the U.S. will become a party. The Office also coordinates with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on issues involving the Senate’s advice and consent to ratification of treaties.

Treesearch is an online system for locating and delivering publications by Research and Development scientists in the US Forest Service. Publications in the collection include research monographs published by the agency as well as papers written by Forest Service scientists but published by other organizations in their journals, conference proceedings, or books. Research results behind these publications have been peer reviewed to ensure the best quality science. As of 12/19/2013, Treesearch contains >41,000 publications.

Tags: Forestry

“These magazines were written by and for every type of unit from every combatant nation. As such they contain the hitherto unheard voices of hundreds of thousands of men and women writing from every facet of the conflict. . . Although the majority of journals that have survived originate from units based on the Western Front in France and Belgium, there are also magazines from units serving on the Eastern Front, in Gallipoli, Palestine, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Britain and America.

This collection contains over 1,500 trench journal titles sourced from leading archives around the world including those of the Imperial War Museums and The British Library.”

Draws on about 2,000 French language texts published since 1789. Enter also from ARTFL links.

Coverage: Begun 1981; ongoing.
Tags: France, Multidisciplinary

TRID includes over 900,000 records covering transportation research from ITRD and TRIS. It includes TRB publications going back to 1923, including Highway Research Board, SHRP, and Marine Board publications. Also indexed are Environmental Impact Statements, theses, reports, and research in progress. TRID is the world’s largest and most comprehensive bibliographic resource on transportation research information, covering all modes and disciplines of transportation.

Coverage: 1920's-present
Tags: Transportation

The TRIP (Turning Research into Practice) Database is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to their clinical questions using the best available evidence. The Library has licensed the professional version of TRIP, which has added features, and requires IP authentication However, the standard version is freely available.=Sources searched by TRIPBelow are the categories of publications searched by the TRIP database – use this link to see all the publications:*Evidence Based Synopses *Systematic Reviews *Guidelines – Aus. & NZ *Guidelines – Canada *Guidelines – UK *Guidelines – USA *Controlled Trials*Core primary research

Tags: Medicine

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly is an academic journal that publishes interdisciplinary work that explores the diversity of gender, sex, sexuality, embodiment, and identity in ways that have not been adequately addressed by feminist and queer scholarship, including work that contests the objectification, pathologization, and exoticization of transgender lives.

A concise reference list from Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses and Dissertations. Provides basic guidelines for bibliographic information in footnotes, endnotes and a bibliography.

TGIF provides bibliographic and descriptive records of all types of works related to turfgrass culture. TGIF was established in 1983 by the UnitedStates Golf Association (USGA) Turfgrass Research Committee and the Michigan State University Libraries, and is now maintained by the Turfgrass Information Center, a division of MSU Libraries.

Coverage: 1895 - present
Tags: Horticulture

The TV News Archive (from the Internet Archive) allows one to search the captions of television news programs from 2009 to yesterday. Over 1.7

When complete, Twentieth-Century Drama will contain 2,500 plays from throughout the English-speaking world, covering the history of modern drama. The current release includes over 300 plays from Britain, Ireland and Australia.

Coverage: 1890-present
Tags: Drama