This is an index of Japanese language journals and periodical articles.

Coverage: 1975-present.
Tags: Japan, Language

Open-access, full-text, Russian-language collection devoted to contemporary Russian literature by women, including prose, criticism, and theoretical works.

Database covers sources on Chinese political movements between 1955-1958. Included are more than 10,000 government documents and files, speeches, bulletins and articles labeled “Rightist” at the time. Searchable in both Chinese and English.

Coverage: 1957-1958
Tags: China, Government, History, Politics

This is a full-text Chinese academic journal database for Chinese Studies researchers. The UC system subscribes the series in the Literature/History/Philosophy, Economics/Politics/Law, and Education/Social Sciences. The database includes current issues, plus total of 1207 titles from the Century Journal Project (covers the years of 1915-1993.)

Coverage: 1915--2002 for UCD
Tags: China, Multidisciplinary

Primary database for wildlife researchers. The world’s oldest continuing database of animal biology.  Comprehensive coverage of zoology; including behavior, conservation and environmental science, ecology, evolution, genetics, habitat, marine and freshwater biology, nutrition, parasitology and disease, reproduction, taxonomy and systematics, veterinary studies, zoogeography and fossil records. Especially strong in new species reports and field studies.

Coverage: 1864-present
Tags: Animals, Science