Accessing Course Reserve Material in Canvas

This page contains instructions for accessing Course Reserves material in Canvas.  For questions, please contact library staff at

To begin, log into canvas at

Then, access your courses from the side bar and choose the course you want to access:

courses frame in Canvascourses frame in Canvas

Next, choose “reading list” to access your classes’ course reserves material.

Course menu in canvasCourse menu in canvas

Your classes’ reading list can have 2 types of citations: physical and electronic.  Both function differently, but are accessed the same. To view the details of a citation, click it:

course reserves citationcourse reserves citation

The citation details will display.  This is a physical item, so some of the information is bibliographic data and availability.  Physical items can be checked out from the library listed in the “Links & Availability” section.

Course Reserves Citation DetailsCourse Reserves Citation Details

While an electronic citation can have some of the same information attached as a physical citation, there are some differences.  Bibliographic information will generally be more limited. The “Links & Availability” section has hyperlinks which you can use to access the material.  In this example, we can see access is restricted to UCD IP addresses, so we’ll need to make sure to access the link from on campus, or log into VPN (Pulse Secure) before accessing the material.

Course Reserves e-resourceCourse Reserves e-resource

In addition to viewing citation details, you can mark an item as read from the the ellipsis button next to the citation, or by clicking the grey checkmark next to the citation.  Doing so will change the checkmark to green as a visual cue that you have read through the material.

citation options menucitation options menu
citation read markcitation read mark

Note that you can unmark an item as read just by clicking the green checkmark.

If you have any questions, please reach out to