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  Bridget Mabunga Bridget Mabunga is a writer, editor, educator, and an integral advocate of student support here at UC Davis. She’s published short non-fiction, and her story,
December 13, 2018 • Roberto C. Delgadillo
Anna-Marie McLemore is a local Mexican-American author who demonstrates that stories can have many facets. Her books are embodied in the current #OwnVoices movement, which embraces much needed perspectives from
December 13, 2018 • Roberto C. Delgadillo
Carl G. Stahmer, PhD is the Director of Digital Scholarship at the UC Davis Library. He oversees a variety of digital initiatives on campus, and has worked in the digital
December 13, 2018 • Roberto C. Delgadillo
Campus Author: Dr. Karma Waltonen In seeking out UC Davis campus authors, Dr. Karma Waltonen is a must. Not only is she an author and teacher, she’s
September 12, 2018 • Roberto C. Delgadillo
Alesia provides library research support and consultation for environmental sciences students, faculty and staff. She is an experienced science librarian who can answer your questions and help you learn to
March 28, 2017