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The UC Davis Library conducts an active research program, both in partnership with UC Davis faculty and in research projects of our own that inform the future of scholarly communication, information science and library operations.

FIMo (Fire Insurance Maps online) is a user-friendly online research platform for finding historic maps. Through the UC Davis Library, researchers, students
March 21, 2019 • Jillian Kido
Your fields are constantly evolving. Are you looking for different ways to keep up with new knowledge in 2019 but get overwhelmed by all the different ways to access scholarly
January 10, 2019 • Amy Studer
The campus site license for EndNote will end on August 31, 2018, according to a recent announcement on the campus Information and Educational Technology (IET) software website. For assistance
August 10, 2018 • Alesia McManus
Librarians specializing in the humanities and social sciences have assisted over 600 students so far this quarter and we are ready to help you with your end-of-the-quarter assignments. As the
November 29, 2017
Digital scholarship helps researcher develop novel approach to measuring the impact of scholarly publications Implicit bias — the attitudes and stereotypes that can affect our actions in an unconscious manner
October 25, 2017