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For nearly a century, the UC Davis Library has supported excellence in viticulture and enology teaching and research. Over that time, the library has built what renowned wine writer Hugh Johnson called “the greatest wine library in the world,” including 30,000 books in more than 50 languages, rare books and manuscripts, historic records and research data, and materials in every medium, from wine labels to videos.

We’re grateful for all of the women who’ve helped to build the wine industry. Today we came across an article on MaryAnn Graf in Leon Adams’ archive — Box
March 8, 2019 • Jullianne Ballou
When Hugh Johnson, author of the ground-breaking World Atlas of Wine, decided to donate his archive of nearly 60 years of wine-book writing to the UC Davis Library in 2016, he explained that
January 7, 2019 • Jessica Nusbaum