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For nearly a century, the UC Davis Library has supported excellence in viticulture and enology teaching and research. Over that time, the library has built what renowned wine writer Hugh Johnson called “the greatest wine library in the world,” including 30,000 books in more than 50 languages, rare books and manuscripts, historic records and research data, and materials in every medium, from wine labels to videos.

“Drink wine, not labels,” declared Maynard Amerine, but you might be asking yourself just who was Maynard Amerine to make such a bold declaration. I first met him
July 5, 2016 • Axel Borg
The story of wine in California begins with the story of the Spanish in California. Vineyard planting in the state began with the Spanish Franciscan Missionaries starting with
July 5, 2016 • Axel Borg
Drink Wine, Not Labels – Dr. Maynard Amerine Despite admonishments about books and covers, for most of us, looks do indeed count. Which is why odds
July 3, 2016 • Axel Borg
Perusing the wine labels, you might notice The Bohemian Club popping up as a place where many bottles seemed to have been consumed. (And what an astute
July 1, 2016