Colusa County Aerial Photography Holdings

Year Index Project
UCD Photoset CoverageProject
Call NumberNotes
1937Photo mosaic index
sheet 1-10
Project covers complete countyComplete photosetAAYG4363.C5A4 1937. U6Stereo
1952Photo mosaic index sheet 1-7Project covers complete countyComplete photosetAAYG4363.C5A4 1952. U6

G4363.C5A4 1952. U8
Photoset includes 9x9in. aerial photographs and
large 23x23in. aerial photographs
1958Photo mosaic index
sheet 1-6
Project covers majorty of county (excludes northwest portion)Photoset unavailable*AAYG4363.C5A4 1958. C2*See staff for help
1964Photo mosaic index sheet 1-6Project covers majority of county (excludes western portion)Complete photosetCOLG4363.C5A4 1964. C2Non-stereo
1970Photo mosaic index sheet 1-7Project covers majority of county (excludes southeast and southern portions)No PhotosAAYG4363.C5A4 1970. U6None
1978Photo mosaic index
sheet 1-9
Project covers complete countyNo Photos06011G4363.C5A4 1978. W2None
1984Index Map
sheet 1-2
Project covers complete countyPhotoset covers majority of project area (excludes sporadic photos)WAC-84CG4363.C5A4 1984. W2Non-stereo
Other Related Aerial Photo Sets
Year TitleIndex and
Project Coverage
UCD Photoset CoverageProject
Call NumberNotes
1964Rice cropNo Index
Unable to determine project coverage
Photoset in collectionRICEG4363.C5A4 1964. H4*See staff for help
1965Rice cropIndex Map
Rice crop project covers portions of Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Sutter counties
Photoset only covers Colusa CountyRICEG4363.C5A4 1965. H4Non-stereo