Connect to Online Research Resources

Access to licensed research resources, such as journal articles, eBooks, databases and newspapers provided by the UCD Library, is established by UCD IP address (a library computer terminal that is  hardwired in the building) or authentication by UC Davis Computing Account (Kerberos).

Current UCD students, faculty and staff

  • If you’re on-campus with a UCD IP address or on the “UCD Eduroam” wireless network, you can go directly to most resources and the publisher will recognize your IP Address. Some resources also require authentication via UC Davis Computing Account (Kerberos).
  • If you’re on-campus and on the “UCD Guest” wireless network, you won’t be able to access most resources due to publisher restrictions. Switch to the “UCD Eduroam” network and most resources will recognize your IP address. Others may require authentication via UC Davis Computing Account (Kerberos).
  • If you’re off-campus with a non-UCD IP address, such as at home or a coffee shop, you need to establish a UCD IP address via UC Davis Computing Account (Kerberos) and the Pulse Secure VPN.


To access most licensed online resources, you must be on campus.

If you have a laptop, you’ll be able to connect to the “UCD Guest” wireless network from on-campus, but you won’t be able to access most licensed resources due to publisher restrictions.


UC Davis Computing Account - Kerberos LoginUCD Computing Account – Kerberos


The library uses the UCD Kerberos server for a convenient single sign-in system. The library shares this authentication system with many other systems on campus. For the library connection to the Kerberos server, this authentication signals to the publishers that your IP address is associated with UCD, either using a computer directly hardwired to campus, campus Eduroam wireless network or Pulse Secure VPN. When authentication from on-campus is required, this indicates that access is for UC Davis Computing Account holders only.  On-site visitors will be unable to access this content due to license restrictions.

Pulse Secure Client client connects to the Library VPNPulse Secure – VPN

Should you visit a publisher’s site off-campus before establishing a UCD IP address, be sure to clear your cache/cookies.  Then re-establish connection by obtaining a UCD IP address using the use the Pulse Secure VPN.


Last updated: October 10, 2018