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As of March 2018, this is a combined database of 4 protocols or methods resources:  Nature Protocols, Nature Methods, Protocol Exchange, and Springer Protocols.

Together there are over 51,000 searchable protocols and methods.  Please NOTE:  Single protocol resource/tool access will be discontinued on July 25, 2018.

User Guide (2018)

The bulk of SN Experiments is content from Springer Protocols with over 50,000 protocols in  molecular biology and biomedical peer-reviewed protocols.  These are mainly from the classic series Methods in Molecular Biology, formerly published by Humana Press. Other series included are: Methods in Molecular Medicine; Methods in Biotechnology; Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology; and Neuromethods. Also included are protocols from laboratory handbooks, such as The Biomethods Handbook, The Proteomics Handbook, and the Springer Laboratory Manuals.

More than 5,200 methods are from the Nature Methods resource; more than 2,500 from Nature Protocols; and more than 900 from the Protocol Exchange — not excluding any overlap between the four tools.

Coverage: 1980-present

PolicyMap is a fully web-based online data and mapping application that gives you access to over 15,000 indicators related to demographics, housing, crime, mortgages, health, jobs and more. Data is available at all common geographies (address, block group, census tract, zip code, county, city, state, MSA) as well as unique geographies like school districts and political boundaries. Data comes from both public and proprietary sources

TOXMAP, produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, maps data on toxic chemical releases and hazardous waste from the U.S. EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Superfund National Priorities List (NPL).

Offers full, interactive access to scholarly approved editions of great works of literature that are fully annotated for seven literary elements (characters, plot, setting, style, themes/issues, vocabulary, and voice/point of view) and illuminated by artwork and related video clips. Also provides digitized access to Common Core Titles, in keeping with Common Core State Standards in education for Grades 9 through CCR (College and Career Readiness).

DynaMed Plus is a point-of-care clinical medicine database that is updated multiple times each day. DynaMed Plus integrates drug information, graphics/images, and levels of evidence labels. The University of California began a 2 year trial of Dynamed Plus in June 2018.

Free image database created by the University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health.  Topics covered include:  Agriculture, Bark beetles, Christmas trees, Cogongrass, Forest* A *Syst, Forest pests, Forest productivity, Forestry, Insects, Invasive species, IPM, Plant diseases, Plants, Prescribed fire, Silvopasture, Trees, Urban forestry, Weeds, Widely prevalent species (as defined by APHIS), and Wildlife.