Wen shi zi liao (文史资料), Literary & Historical Materials [via Superstar Digital Library Information Technology Co.,Ltd]


文史资料, Wen shi zi liao, Literary & Historical Materials is a collection of oral history on the historical events from Late Qing to 1980s, recorded since 1959 by members of the People’s Consultative Conferences and personalities across China. The first phase of the database includes nearly 20,000 series, more than 500,000 articles; the second phase includes nearly 6,800 series, more than 400,000 articles. The principle of guiding the publishing of the historical materials was “Three in-person”: experienced in person, saw in person, and heard in person (亲历, 亲见,亲闻). All articles were written by people who experienced the events or knew the persons in their articles. Many of authors have passed away, preserved these invaluable records for the future generations and scholars.

Historical materials in this collection covers a wide range of events and people, including the 1911 Revolution, the Cultural Revolution, and the Reform and Opening. Many titles are internal publications, and much of the content cannot be found elsewhere.