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Babel Scores

Babel Scores is a new and  growing online repository of contemporary scores that are frequently accompanied by recordings of the pieces and notes by the composer.

Bacteriology Abstracts [via ProQuest]
LOWER-DIVISION Undergraduate focus -- UPPER-DIVISION Undergraduates & Researchers should use BIOSIS Previews (above) and PubMed (below under Generalized Databases). Covers topics ranging from bacterial immunology and vaccinations to diseases of man and animals. Provides access to clinical findings as well as all aspects of pure bacteriology, biochemistry, and genetics.
Coverage: 1982-present
Tags: Bacteria, Biology, Microbes, Microbiology
Berg Fashion Library [via Bloomsbury Fashion Central] [via Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.]
The Berg Fashion Library provides text and image content on world dress and fashion throughout history. Includes the Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, extensive academic eBook collection, reference resources, museum directory, exhibition archive, teaching resources and a vast image bank.
Tags: Fashion
Bergey’s Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria [via Wiley Online Library]

Bergey’s Manual of Systematics of Archaea and Bacteria (BMSAB) is a reference work aimed at undergraduates, graduate students, researchers, professors and experienced professionals at all levels. Bergey’s is the most complete and authoritative description of bacterial and archaeal diversity and includes over 1,750 articles – equivalent to over 8 volumes in print. About a hundred new genera and 600+ new species have been described per year for each of the last 5 years. To remain abreast of this explosion in knowledge of the microbial world, an electronic manual with frequent updates is necessary. The BMSAB is an essential tool for anyone at the forefront of research in microbiology.

This 2015 edition provides descriptions of the taxonomy, systematics, ecology, physiology and other biological properties of all described prokaryotic taxa.

Best BETs for Vets [via University of Nottingham, Centre for Evidence-based Veterinary Medicine]
Best BETs (Best Evidence Topics) for Vets is an evidence-based resource that provides succinct bottom lines from primary studies.  This resource covers a wide range of species and is peer reviewed.
Bibliografía Histórica de la Ciencia y la Técnica en España

The database indexes scholarship on the history of science and technology published in Spain or by Spanish authors all over the world. Most materials are in Spanish, but it includes some English-language materials on Spain or the Spanish-speaking world.

Created and made freely available by: Instituto de Historia de la Medicina y de la Ciencia López Piñero

Tags: History, Science
Bibliographie der deutschen Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft [CD-ROM]

An international index of German literature and literary studies. On CD-Rom since 1985.

Bibliography of American Literature (BAL)

Nearly 40,000 records of the literary works of approximately 300 American writers from the period of the Revolution to 1930. A Chadwyck-Healy Literature Online collection.

Coverage: 1776-1930
Tags: Literature, United States Of America
Bibliography of Asian Studies [via EBSCO]
Index of western-language monographs, articles, and book chapters on all parts of Asia and Asian Studies (East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Indian Ocean) published since 1971.
Coverage: 1971-present, depending upon the subfile.
Tags: Asia, Literature, Multidisciplinary