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EThOS Beta Electronic Theses Online Service Open Access to UK Theses [via British Library]
Register for a free account to download theses. Almost-complete index of all doctoral level theses awarded by UK universities. You can uncover the latest cutting edge research inside the pages of UK PhD theses, immediately download over 300,000 theses or order many more through the unique EThOS digitisation on demand service. Among other services, EThOS allows one to search, select and in some/many cases download the full-text of items of interest free of charge.
Economist, current [via]
Subscription to the weekly magazine back to 1997and full access to interactive features, special reports, the Economist app (for Android and iOS), the Economist audio version and podcasts, and the Economist digital newsletters. Access is for UC Davis is provided using your email domain, that means users need to visit and create an individual accounts with their email addresses.
Encyclopedia of Social Insects [Springer]
"A comprehensive, multi-author treatise on the social insects of the world, with some auxiliary attention to such adjacent topics as subsocial insects and social arachnids. The work is to serve as a very convenient, yet authoritative reference work on the biology and systematics of social insects of the world. This is a project of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects (IUSSI), the worldwide organizing body for the scientific study of social insects." Published: 2020
E&E News
Brings together the leading stories from E&E Daily, E&E News PM, ClimateWire, GreenWire, and EnergyWire.
Encyclopedia of Buddhism Online [via Brill ]
Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism is the first comprehensive academic reference work devoted to the plurality of Buddhist traditions across Asia.
Coverage: 2015-current
Tags: Asia, Asian Studies, Religion, Religious Studies
Ethnomusicology: Global Field Recordings [via Adam Matthew]
Global collection of hundreds of audio field recordings, with videos, photographs and field notes from over 50 ethnomusicological collections. Materials document musical traditions worldwide, from the Yoruba in Africa to hip hop in Brooklyn, from Guatemala's indigenous peoples to Javanese of Indonesia. Formats include audio field recordings and interviews, educational recordings, film footage, field notebooks, slides, correspondence, ephemera and a unique 'musical instrument map' feature. Supports study of cultural identity, social norms, religion and ritual, gender roles, as well as other themes. Features content from the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive and University of Washington.
Coverage: 1930-02013
A free, open source database developed by education researchers in collaboration with the Center for Open Science. Includes articles under review (preprints), working papers and unpublished work.
Ebook Central [via ProQuest]
Thousands of ebooks from a wide range of publishers covering many subjects, including business, economics, technology and engineering, humanities, life and physical science, and social and behavioral sciences.
Coverage: 1970s - current
Ebook Collection [via EBSCO]
Thousands of scholarly, reference, and professional full text books covering a broad range of disciplines. Includes titles from academic, university presses, and commercial publishers, as well as scholarly societies in some health sciences disciplines.
Coverage: 1950s - current