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IBISWorld Industry Market Research [via IBISWorld]
Industry research reports, risk rating, and profiles for hundreds of United States industries. Includes US Industry Reports (NAICS), US Industry iExpert Summaries, US Specialized Industry Reports, US Specialized Industry iExpert Summaries, and US Business Environment Profiles.
Independent Voices [via Reveal Digital on JSTOR]
Alternative press and political newspapers, magazines and journals from the latter half of the 20th century, including, feminist, dissident, campus radical, Native American, anti-war activist, Black Power, Hispanic, LGBT activist, the extreme right-wing publications. Searchable full-text access includes nearly 1,000 magazines, newsletters, newspapers, as well as image, audio and other archival material.
Coverage: 1950s - 1980s
International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP)
IIBP Full Text includes current and retrospective bibliographic citations and abstracts from scholarly journals and newsletters from the United States, Africa and the Caribbean--and full-text coverage of core Black Studies periodicals.
Indianapolis Star (1903 – 2004) [via ProQuest] [via ProQuest]
NOTE: Available through Spring 2022. This newspaper is among a group of resources that are available for a limited time. Some of them will become a permanent part of the UCDavis library collections based on interest and use.
International Relations and Military Conflicts (1911-1998) [via ProQuest History Vault] [via ProQuest]
NOTE: Available through April, 2022. This is one of 6 groups of modules that are available for a limited time. Some of the individual modules will become a permanent part of the UCDavis library collections based on interest and use.-------------The 13 modules in this resource detail U.S. foreign relations throughout the world from prior to World War I through the Vietnam War. Two of the modules draw on British Governmental sources, others derive from the U.S. government. Among other topics, it includes CIA Research Reports and records, and Records pertaining to the restitution of Nazi Looted Art.
Inventory of Marine and Aquatic Repositories (IMAR)
The Inventory of Marine and Aquatic Repositories (IMAR) is a joint project of IAMSLIC and the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) to identify open-access institutional repositories that contain content related to the marine and/or aquatic environments.
International Law Bibliography [via Oxford Bibliographies Online]

Oxford Bibliographies in International Law is designed to provide authoritative guidance. The field is rife with debate and controversy, as with most anything that deals with such a complex system of rules and principles meant to govern the relations between states and other institutional subjects, such as the United Nations or the European Union. Because scholarship in this field is so bound up with diplomacy, the vast array of potentially relevant material that appears on the free web can overwhelm even the savviest scholars. . . . Oxford Bibliographies in International Law will offer a trustworthy pathway through the thicket of information overload.”


iBiology is a database of open-access free videos that share the excitement of modern biology and the process by which scientific discoveries are made, supporting educators who want to incorporate materials that illustrate the process and practice of science into their curriculum. It includes over 300 seminars and short talks by leading scientists.

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Iter Italicum

“The most comprehensive finding list available of previously uncatalogued or incompletely catalogued Renaissance humanistic manuscripts in libraries and collections all over the world.”