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O*net: the Occupational Information Network

O*net replaces the Department of Labor’s Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) as a source of occupational information. It provides information on the knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, preparation, contexts, and tasks associated with more than 1100 occupations. Search by occupation or skills. A crosswalk allows searching by occupational classifications defined in other systems.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The classic handbook on a broad variety of U.S. jobs. For each major job classification OOH includes: Significant bullet points; the Nature of the work (including work environment); Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement; Employment; Job Outlook; Earnings; Related Occupations; and linked Sources of Additional Information.

Ocean and Coastal Economies

The National Ocean Economics Program provides the largest database in the world of studies documenting the market and non-market, i.e. environmental and recreational, values of ocean resources. The website includes economic values in the Ocean and Coastal economies derived from market transactions as well as information regarding those values not determined by markets.

Coverage: 1990 - present
Tags: Economics, Oceanography
Ocean Portal

OceanPortal is a directory of ocean data and information related web sites. Covers topics such as: organizations, projects and programs including data centers; environment and governance; scientists and ships; and commerce and trade. Frequently used resources include photo libraries of the Crustacean Gallery, Globe Project Maps & Graphs, and ASF ERS-1 SAR Image Gallery.

Oceanic Abstracts [via ProQuest]

Organizes, summaries, and indexes worldwide technical literature on the marine and brackish water environments. Oceanic Abstracts covers marine biology and biological oceanography, physical and chemical oceanography, meteorology, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, marine pollution, conservation, environmental protection, fisheries, aquaculture, nonliving resources and technology, ships and shipping, navigation and communications.

Coverage: 1981-present
Tags: Biology, Fisheries, Marine Life, Oceanography, Science

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is an international organisation of thirty countries that accept the principles of representative democracy and free-market economy. The mandate of the OECD is broad, covering economic, environmental, and social issues.

OECD iLibrary

OECD iLibrary is OECD’s Online Library for Books, Papers and Statistics and the gateway to OECD’s analysis and data. It replaces SourceOECD, and hosts all content so users can find – and cite – tables and databases as easily as articles or chapters.

Coverage: 1998-present, plus retrospective statistical data
Tags: Multidisciplinary
Office of Administrative Law

The Office of Administrative Law (OAL) ensures that agency regulations are clear, necessary, legally valid, and available to the public. OAL is responsible for reviewing administrative regulations proposed by over 200 state agencies for compliance with the standards set forth in California’s Administrative Procedure Act (APA), for transmitting these regulations to the Secretary of State and for publishing regulations in the California Code of Regulations.

OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web

OFFSTATS provides links to free official statistical data sites from around the world. Find statistics by country, regional or topic. Links are to official statistical agencies in countries, international organizations, and other organizations.OFFSTATS is sponsored by the University of Auckland Library.