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Reaching Teens [via American Academy of Pediatrics]
Tailored experiences for various professional settings: Educational, Juvenile Justice, Substance Use Program and Recovery, Foster Care, Health Care, Sports and Physical Recreation, and Settings That Serve Youth Enduring Homelessness, Unstable Housing, or Human Trafficking.
Reefbase is a valuable resource for information on coral reefs.   It includes: full-text to coral reef-related publications, including the International Coral Reef Symposium Proceedings; coral reef maps and GIS; and a photo gallery. ReefBase is a project by WorldFish, an international, non-profit research organization dedicated to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. WorldFish is a member of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), a strategic alliance of members, partners and international agricultural centers that mobilizes science to benefit the poor.
Revolutionary War and Early America [via ProQuest History Vault]
NOTE: Available through April, 2022. This is one of a group of resources that are available for a limited time. Some of the individual modules will become a permanent part of the UCDavis library collections based on interest and use. This resource contains materials on the American Revolution and Early Republic from the Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society.
RelBib: Bibliography of the Study of Religion [via Tübingen University Library]
RelBib is a comprehensive online bibliography for the study of religion. It is available to interested users free of charge (Open Access), worldwide and without login. RelBib is published by Tübingen University Library and its content is supervised by the Subject Information Service for Study of Religion (FID Religionswissenschaft). The bibliography represents a special view of the underlying data pool of IxTheo (Index Theologicus) focussing on the field of the study of religion. It has its own web presence with the RelBib portal. A team specially for RelBib guarantees that the requirements and specializations of the study of religion community are adequately represented despite the common data pool.
A database of prototypic sequences representing repetitive DNA from different eukaryotic species, together with analytical software. Repbase Update contains over 3600 annotated sequences representing different families and subfamilies. Each sequence is accompanied by a short description and references to the original contributors. Repbase Update includes Repbase Reports, an electronic journal publishing newly discovered transposable elements, and the Transposon Pub, a web-based browser of selected chromosomal maps of transposable elements.
Research Foreign Markets
A research library of country-level analysis provided by the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration to help companies navigate the export market.
Rare Map Catalogue from Barry Lawrence Ruderman

This Barry Lawrence Ruderman Catalogue from Antique Maps Inc., provides views of antique maps. The variety can give the researcher a diverse view of the cartography.

Resources for Genealogists from National Archives

The National Archives provides tools, and educational resources for those looking to chronicle their family history.

Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences [via Elsevier]
A curated reference collection in biomedical sciences, designed to serve as an in depth compendium. New articles are added on a regular basis and previously published articles are reviewed for currency to ensure articles are up-to-date. Contents include over 8,000 chapters from the biomedical encyclopedias and biomedical reference works.