Founded in 2017 by Open Access India, agriRxiv (AgriXiv as it was) has continued to grow. Now relaunched through CABI, in collaboration with OAI, the service will benefit from CABI’s expertise in agriculture and the environment, providing a sustainable new home for agricultural preprints.

agriRxiv (pronounced ‘agri-archive’) is a free, open access source of unpublished preprints across the agricultural sciences. It is hosted and managed by CABI (, an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.

By sharing preprints on agriRxiv, authors are able to make their findings immediately available to their scientific colleagues.

There is no fee to submit articles to agriRxiv.

Articles are not peer-reviewed, edited, or typeset before being posted online. agriRxiv will moderate and then index all content to ensure it is appropriate for our users, and that it can be easily found and shared.