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BioCyc is a comprehensive resource for data on genomes, genes, metabolites, and metabolic pathways for more than 7,600 microbes and other species (
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BioCyc provides access to data in over 17,000 individual databases, and also provides a comprehensive set of informatics tools for data query, visualization and analysis. By coupling uniqueand high-quality database content with user-friendly bioinformatics tools, BioCyc enables scientists to pursue a wide range of research in microbial genomics, metabolic engineering,

synthetic biology, anti-microbial drug discovery, and more. For information on the content and unique features of BioCyc, please see


Initially supported by U.S. government grants, BioCyc transitioned to non-profit subscription funding as of July 1, 2016. The EcoCyc and MetaCyc databases within the BioCyc collection of

Pathway/Genome Databases remain freely available due to continued government grant funding.  In addition, BioCyc provides non-subscribers with a limited number of free page accesses

per month to data in the licensed databases as a service to the research community.   Seven campuses (Berkeley + Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Cruz and San Diego) have renewed the BioCyc three-year Tier 2 license.  (B/LBL, D, I, LA, R, SC, SD; on the platform)

Excerpted and updated from original description by Christy Hightower, original CDL Resource Liaison for BioCyc

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