China Geo-Explorer II [via All China Marketing Research]

China Geo-Explorer II “fully integrates different data sources from government statistics, population census and economics census of China at different levels (province, city, county, township and ZIP code) into a spatial system with more than 6,000 comparable variables for easy access.”  Among other features, it permits the export of GIS shapefiles.

China Geo-Explorer II provides access to demographic and business data, maps and reports for Mainland China at various administrative levels, and access to efficient data integration for spatial and non-spatial data (custom radii, administrative units, spatial boundaries). It is a tool for quick and accurate location analysis and spatial assessment, and a tool for identifying spatial patterns and trends. The database can generate easy-to-use and customized reports, dynamic charts, tables and maps. Data can be exported to PDF, Excel, Word, or Shape files.



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