Kikuzo Visual II: Asahi Shimbun 朝日新聞社

This is a full text edition (in Japanese) of the Asahi Shimbun from 1879, when it was first issued to the present.  It is possible to compare the Tokyo and Osaka editions of the paper.    Among other features, the database also includes articles from two magazines “AERA” and “Shukan Asahi” as well as a roughly 10,000 image photographic archive, taken mostly during World War II.

“”History keyword” system is a distinctive feature of Kikuzo II Visual, which is designed to efficiently search for the articles of the Meiji, the Taisho and the Showa periods. History keywords consist of selected major events of those days and names of historical figures as opposed to regular keywords given in the articles. By searching the database by history keywords, all relevant articles, even those which do not contain the very keywords, can be searched interrelatedly. In addition, a variety of history keyword lists (e.g. its chronological table and one organized by field of activity) further helps one’s search. A click on a keyword on the lists is enough to retrieve all relevant information all at once.”

Note: the license permits only a limited number of simultaneous users so please log off if you aren’t actively searching.