Nutrient Requirements of Poultry [National Academy Press]

Part of the “Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals” series produced by the Subcommittee on Poultry Nutrition of the National Research Council.   Includes:  Components of poultry diets — Energy — Carbohydrates — Protein and amino acids — Fats — Minerals — Vitamins — Water — Xanthophylls — Unidentified growth factors — Antimicrobials — Nutrient requirements of chickens — Leghorn-type chickens — Meat-type chickens — Nutrient requirements of turkeys — Starting and growing turkeys — Turkey breeders — Nutrient requirements of geese — Nutrient requirements of ducks — Nutrient requirements of ring-necked pheasants, Japanese quail and bobwhite quail — Signs of nutritional deficiencies in chickens and turkeys — Protein and amino acid deficiencies — Vitamin deficiencies — Mineral dificiencies — Toxicity of certain inorganic elements — Composition of feedstuffs used in poultry diets — Cereal grains — Protein supplements — Estimating the amino acid composition of feedstuffs — Characteristics of dietary fats — Macromineral supplements — Mycotoxins — Standard reference diets for chicks — Documentation of nutrient requirements — Estimating the energy value of feed ingredients — Conversion factors.