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Animal Drugs @ FDA
There are eight sections in the publication. The first lists approved drug products; subsections being sorted by tradename and then by NADA number. The second section lists active ingredients and each approved product containing that active ingredient. The third section lists patent information as provided by the sponsors of approved animal drug products. Section four lists exclusivity periods granted for new uses or claims approved subsequent to enactment of GADPTRA. Section five lists any approved products that are currently the subject of a Notice of Hearing and thus may not be used as a basis of an ANADA. Section six lists animal drug products whose approval has been voluntarily withdrawn by their sponsors since GADPTRA was enacted.Section seven lists the actions on ANADA suitability petitions that have been received by the FDA since the enactment of GADPTRA. Section eight is reserved for monthly updates.
Animal Science Image Gallery

The Animal Science Image Gallery began as a partnership between the Animal Science Education Consortium (fifteen colleges and universities in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states) and the National Agriculture Library (NAL), funded (2003-2007) by a USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant.

Animal Studies: Law, Welfare and Rights [via HeinOnline]
With titles from the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Animal Welfare Institute, this collection aims to establish the foundational laws pertaining to animals and follow the evolution of these rights throughout the years. It includes philosophical books dating back to the 1800's, videos, periodicals, brochures, and more.
Coverage: 1800s to current
Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL) [via ProQuest]
Aims to list monographs, periodical articles, critical editions of literary works, book reviews, collections of essays and doctoral dissertations published anywhere in the world. The bibliography consists of 71 volumes beginning in 1920 and issued annually in printed volumes. Also available in the database Literature Online (LION).
Coverage: 1920-present
Tags: Literature
Annual Review of Anthropology [via Annual Reviews]

This journal publishes substantial review articles on important anthropological topics. As such it serves as a good reference source for those seeking to better understand the thinking in this diverse field.

Annual Review of Law and Social Science [via Annual Reviews]

Comprehensive review articles and bibliographies, which examine the complex connections between law, culture, social structure. Its focus is on the social scientific studies of law and law-like systems of rules, institutions, processes, and behaviors.

Annual Review of Political Science [via Annual Reviews]

Political Science review articles.

Coverage: 1998- present
Tags: Politics
Annual Review of Psychology [via Annual Reviews]

Annual ‘handbook’ with introductory and summary articles to the latest thinking on important and emerging issues in psychology. Includes substantial bibliographies.

Coverage: 1950-present
Tags: Psychology
Annual Review of Sociology [via Annual Reviews]

Annual ‘handbook’ with introductory and summary articles to important and emerging issues in sociology. Contains substantial bibliographies.

Coverage: 1975
Tags: Sociology