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British Politics and Society [part 1 of Nineteenth Century Collections Online via Gale]

This extensive full-text collection of primary source material focuses on the political and social climate of Great Britain during the long Nineteenth Century. The materials are drawn from more than 20 different sources including: Government documents, papers and correspondence of political figures, Radical and Labour periodicals, pamphlet collections and more. NOTE: The link takes you to a gateway page. Select the British Politics and Society option before you begin your search.

British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture [via Gale, part of Nineteenth Century Collections Online]

Drawn from several different archives, this online collection includes playbills, scripts and scores, as well as correspondence, meeting minutes and financial records all pertaining to “the inner workings of the arts world and life in Victorian Britain.”


BrowZine Journal Engagement Platform is a web-based platform and mobile app that enables users to quickly find, easily follow, and directly access the library’s licensed e-journals on any device.BrowZine LogoDownload BrowZine mobile app

BrowZine visually presents the library’s e-journals in a browsable and readable format with seamless synchronization across devices. Includes a My Bookshelf feature which enables users to add their favorite titles and receive notification of newly published articles (including articles in press).  Articles can be saved to My Articles for reading and referencing later.

Third Iron Website

BSAVA Library [via British Small Animal Veterinary Association]
British Small Animal Veterinary Association Library contains manuals, lectures, articles, proceedings, client handouts, and special collections in veterinary medicine (UK specific)
Coverage: 2007 - Current
BSAVA Library

The British Small Animal Veterinary Association has created a digital library of a great deal of content including books, proceedings, special topics, continuing education (Continuing Professional Development), formularies, podcasts, and client handouts.  Many required course readings (BSAVA Manuals) are available here.

Coverage: 2007 - Present
Tags: Client, Formularies, Formulary, Proceedings, Veterinary
Buddhism Bibliography [via Oxford Bibliographies online]

“With approximately 300 million adherents around the globe today, Buddhism is one of the largest world religions. The study of Buddhism is a diverse field which combines religion, philosophy, history, art history, philology and textual studies, as well as informing a variety of comparative studies. Besides its interdisciplinary nature, Buddhist traditions vary enormously throughout the world. Because the field comprises so many varied aspects, research and scholarship is wide-reaching in its response to new discoveries, interpretations, and theoretical ideas. . . . Oxford Bibliographies in Buddhism offers a much-needed expert filter that relies on expertise that no algorithm can replicate.”


Follow this link to see all the Oxford Bibliographies Online to which UCDavis subscribes

Buddhist Studies

The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies, a resource of the World Wide Web Virtual Library.

An “online community of naturalists who enjoy learning about and sharing our observations of insects, spiders, and other related creatures.  … collect photographs of bugs from the United States and Canada for identification and research.  … [they] summarize … findings in guide pages for each order, family, genus, and species”

Bugwood Image database

Free image database created by the University of Georgia’s Center for Invasive Species & Ecosystem Health.  Topics covered include:  Agriculture, Bark beetles, Christmas trees, Cogongrass, Forest* A *Syst, Forest pests, Forest productivity, Forestry, Insects, Invasive species, IPM, Plant diseases, Plants, Prescribed fire, Silvopasture, Trees, Urban forestry, Weeds, Widely prevalent species (as defined by APHIS), and Wildlife.