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California Voter Foundation

California online voter guide; information on propositions, congressional and legislative races. Includes political district maps.
Related: Transparency Portal

California Secretary of State Elections Office

Cal-Access is the financial information provided by candidates, donors, lobbyists to the Secretary of State’s Office.

Find your polling place in California by county

How and where to register to vote

California Roster

The Roster of Public Officials, is a listing of California’s public officeholders, including our United States government officials, the Constitutional officers, members of the State Senate and Assembly, the Judicial branch, county officials, and Incorporated city and town officials.

California Newspaper Project [via UC Riverside]

The California Newspaper Project (CNP) identifies, describes and preserves California Newspapers. It provides a searchable online catalog of newspapers held throughout the state. CNP is a participant in the United States Newspaper Program and receives funding from The National Endowment for the Humanities and the California State Library.

California Historic Topographic Map Collection

Special Collections at California State University, Chico’s Merriam Library has a fine collection of scanned historic topographic maps of California.

California Geoportal

The State of California’s portal for geospatial data resources.

California Fish Website

Portal to UC researchers, centers and research groups including: Center for Aquatic Biology & Aquaculture; California Fish Photo Library; and California Freshwater Fish Laboratory. {RG 12/13/13}

California Department of Public Health Statistics
Statistical and data tables produced by the California Department of Public Health.
California Department of Finance Research Unit

Data and statistical reports on California population, demography, finance and economics. See the Demograhy section for data on population.