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Statista is a statistics portal that provides access to data on many different topics from more than 18,000 different sources
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (via ProQuest)

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a one-volume, comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. Use the Abstract as a convenient volume for statistical reference, and as a guide to sources of more information both in print and on the Web. The government-published Statistical Abstract of the U.S. was discontinued following publication of the 2012 edition.

Statistical Abstract of the United States (Historic)

Annual statistical compendia from the Census Bureau through 2012. Continued by the commercially published (Proquest) Statistical Abstract of the U.S. Census has the Statistical Abstract in pdf online back to 1878.

Coverage: 1878-2012
Statistical Abstracts of the World

This resource aggregates the statistical abstracts of more than 50 countries and makes the content available through a single-search interface. These statistical abstracts are generally issued by the national statistical offices of foreign governments and contain country-level data not easily found elsewhere.

Also includes data from the United Nations Demographic Yearbook, World Development Indicators, and Key Figures on Europe.

Coverage: 1878-2012
Tags: Multidisciplinary

Full-text searchable database collection of almost 100 statistics handbooks, textbooks and manuals covering environmental statistics, introductory statistics, probability theory & applications, reference statistics, SPC/reliability/quality control, statistical theory & methods, statistics & computing, biological sciences, business & finance, engineering & physical science, medicine & health science.

Sturkie’s Avian Physiology [via ScienceDirect]

Sixth edition of a comprehensive work (1055 pages) covering all aspects of avian physiology: Sensory biology and nervous system; Organ systems; Metabolism; Endocrinology; and Reproduction.

Superstar Journals

This is a full-text collection of more than 7400 Chinese-language journals.  They represent a wide mix of disciplines, including engineering, agronomy, social sciences, culture, education, philosophy and medicine published from 1949-present.

NOTE: Users have two ways to get full-text articles – downloading a PDF directly from the interface and document delivery. If users see a PDF icon, they can download the article directly. If users see an Email icon, they can click on it, fill in an email address and the verification code (Captcha) and the user will receive the article by email.

Coverage: 1949-present
Supreme Court Yearbook

A collection of annual reporting on the actions and opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court with clear, in-depth analysis of every decision made by the nation’s highest court since the 1989-1990 term and the justices who ruled on them.

Tags: Government
Swank provides access to movies and TV shows beyond homes and theaters by licensing and distributing content to non-theatrical markets. Swank is one of the oldest distributors of movies and TV shows having operated since 1937. Currently, the UCD Library has licensed 24 films with Swank. Requested films are licensed mostly for the period of a year.