Pybus Seminars [Northern Centre for the history of Medicine and Medical Humanities]

The following Seven lectures in the History of Medicine delivered at the Centre in 2011 and 2012 are available as podcasts.

Pybus: “Tropical Training for Colonial Nurses: 1899-1960”

Added 09 May 2012 | Duration 50 minutes 56 seconds

Dr Rosemary Wall, Imperial College London and King’s College London

Pybus: “The Drug Trade in Colonial India”

Added 16 November 2011 | Duration 35 minutes 24 seconds
Dr Nandini Bhattacharya, University of Leicester

Pybus: “The body in pain and tales of redemption and damnation during the wars of religion”

Added 19 October 2011 | Duration 45 minutes 51 seconds
Dr Luc Racaut, Newcastle University

Pybus: “‘Stand Up Straight’: Posture and the Meanings Attributed to the Upright Body”

Added 12 October 2011 | Duration 48 minutes 12 seconds
Prof Sander L. Gilman, Emory University

Pybus: “Collecting Knowledge for the Family: Household Recipe Books in Early Modern England”

Added 08 June 2011 | Duration 43 minutes 7 seconds
Dr Elaine Leong, University of Cambridge

Pybus: “The Hospital Crisis in Post-War Britain and France: Leeds and Lille, 1918-28”

Added 25 May 2011 | Duration 45 minutes 44 seconds
Prof Barry Doyle, University of Huddersfield

Pybus: “Madness and Passions in Early Modern Spain”

Added 04 May 2011 | Duration 43 minutes 16 seconds
Dr Elena Carrera, Queen Mary, University of London