Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences [via Elsevier]

A curated reference collection in biomedical sciences, designed to serve as an in depth compendium. New articles are added on a regular basis and previously published articles are reviewed for currency to ensure articles are up-to-date. Articles determined current according to this review receive a ‘timestamp’ that appears on the article indicating the date of the last currency review. Articles that are determined out-of-date are updated. Contents include over 8,000 chapters from the following major reference works — Brenner’s Encyclopedia of Genetics (2nd ed.), Comprehensive Biomedical Physics, Comprehensive Biotechnology (2nd ed.), Encyclopedia of Biological Chemistry (2nd ed.), Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, Encyclopedia of Endocrine Diseases (2nd ed.), Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition (3rd ed.), Encyclopedia of Immunobiology, Encyclopedia of Microbiology (3rd ed.), Encyclopedia of Cardiovascular research and Medicine, Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, Encyclopedia of Toxicology (3rd ed.), Encyclopedia of Virology (3rd ed.), International Encyclopedia of Public Health (1st & 2nd eds.), Pathobiology of Human Disease, and xPharm: the Comprehensive Pharmacology Reference.