DataPlanet (formerly: Sage Stats) [via Sage]

DataPlanet is a collection of U.S. and international datasets sourced from over 90 governmental, commercial, and private organizations. Data Planet allows you to search and browse billions of datasets, compare and contrast variables of interest, and create customized exportable charts and tables. Each dataset also has a detailed description, including information about its source organization and update frequency. DataPlanet platform provides durable web links and DOIs to make it easier to revisit datasets.

Datasets cover: agriculture and food; banking, finance, and insurance; criminal justice and law enforcement; education; energy resources and industries; government and politics; health and vital statistics; housing and construction; industry, business, and commerce; international relations and trade; labor and employment; military and defense; natural resources and environment; population and income; prices, consumption, and cost of living; and transportation and traffic.

In August 2021, the databases formerly known as Sage Stats and U.S. Political Stats became DataPlanet.


19th century – present, most datasets are from the past few decades


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