World Global Style Network (WGSN) – Fashion

WGSN is a major fashion trend forecaster. The site includes both long-term and seasonal trend analysis, real-time industry news, and coverage of catwalks, trade shows, and street fashion. Content includes:

 Fashion Trends– Long-term consumer trends, news and breaking trends, global street style images, and live reporting from trade show floors.

 15 Product Categories– WGSN employs global specialists and local trend-spotters in every major product category to ensure our insight and trends are accurate and actionable.

 Buyer’s Intelligence- The definitive guide for buyers, built around planning cycles. We deliver phasing plans, product checklists, and mix charts to help you know what to buy, when to buy it, and when to stop.

 Image Library – One of the most extensive image libraries in fashion with more than 25 million searchable hi-res images. A raft of filters enables you to pinpoint your search while intuitive tools allow you to sort and share your images with ease.

 Design Tools and Resources- Market-leading tools to help you design and plan your range with ease.

To access this electronic resource you will need to create a personal account. Please follow the instructions on the WGSN Fashion landing page.