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In response to the UC Davis Vision of Excellence and related planning activities (particularly the 2020 Plan and recent Blue Ribbon reports) the UC Davis University Library has developed a new Strategic Plan. The Plan identifies key areas for the Library to focus its efforts and resources, while continuing to provide the high quality research collections and academic services on which the entire university community depends. The world in which libraries function has been radically altered by technology and the digital research material, and by the rapidly changing behavior and expectations of our clients – particularly the UC Davis faculty and students. The transition of research and teaching collections and related services to the digital, networked environment continues at breakneck speed and if the Library is to continue to serve as the academic heart of the university then it must have clear strategic goals and priorities to inform its decisions and its work. Our Strategic Planning process has been open, inclusive and transparent while moving as swiftly as possible. We ask for feedback on the Plan at any time, and will update it at least annually as we gather feedback on its impact on the community.

Summary of the 2013-2016 UC Davis Library Strategic Plan

Diagram of the UC Davis Library Strategic Plan 2013-2016

Mission, Vision and Value Statements

January, 2013


Advance the community's success and impact through knowledge stewardship

The University Library advances the success and impact of the UC Davis community by providing access to, expert assistance with, and stewardship of recorded knowledge; by investing in environments conducive to study, learning, and collaborative research; and by collecting and stewarding its contributions to knowledge and society, i.e. the careful and responsible management of the record of scholarship done by UC Davis faculty and researchers, made globally available and preserved for the future.


The Library is the academic hub of UC Davis, advancing research, education and innovation in a networked world.

The UC Davis University Library will be an interdisciplinary resource for the entire community that enables transformative research and education through its provision of critical scholarship, tools and services.


We are a broadly collaborative and client-centered organization that values high quality scholarship, learning, and service to our community. We provide a work environment of integrity, respect and transparency, and a staff characterized by excellence, diversity, flexibility, and risk-taking.

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Status Report

After significant consultation over the past year with Library staff and UC Davis faculty, student and administration groups, the UC Davis University Library's Strategic Plan for 2013-2016 is now final. We are beginning implementation of the Plan, including a new organizational design for the Library that will accelerate our ability to advance the Plan's goals in the context of the University's Vision of Excellence and 2020 Initiative

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