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The Shields Library's Biological & Agricultural Sciences Department (BioAg), is the center for information on all aspects of biotechnology, life sciences, and their applications to crops, livestock, horticulture and pest control.  Of special note are the department's collections in Bee Biology, Nematology and Viticulture & Enology.
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Viticulture & Enology
The BioAg Department is home to one of the finest collections of grape growing and wine making literature in the world. The collection is housed in the Maynard A. Amerine Viticulture & Enology Room on the third floor of Peter J. Shields Library. The collection gathers together materials on grape growing, grape diseases, wine making, fermentation science as well as the economic aspects of the wine industry. The primary emphasis is on the technical & scientific, historical and cultural aspects of grape growing and wine making with strong holdings in the economic and business aspects of grapes and wine. The collection is part of the Biological and Agricultural Sciences Department of Shields Library.
Drop by the 3rd floor BioAg Consultation Desk
If you would like in-person assistance, the consultation desk is staffed 1:00-5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, or call the reference desk between 1:00-5:00 at (530) 752‑9781.