Guide to Avian Influenza Research

Journal literature is the best source of emerging news, knowledge, and scientific breakthroughs on avian influenza and its transmission.  Shields Library offers many resources that allow researchers to keep current with the latest information.  Below is a list of databases and journals that are especially useful for avian influenza research, along with some suggestions for search terms.  More detailed database information can be found under the alphabetic listing on the Electronic Databases A-Z page. There are also some web sites that will quick-start your search.

Suggested Search Terms:

  • Avian influenza
  • Bird flu
  • Poultry virus
  • Poultry influenza
  • Waterfowl
  • Water birds
  • Wild birds
  • Pathogen
  • Transmission
  • Pandemic
  • Pandemic influenza
  • Avian H5N1 influenza
  • Influenza A

Databases and Websites

Covers all aspects of U.S. agriculture, including animal and veterinary sciences, farmed or domesticated animals, and USDA publications and transcripts.  Published by the U.S. National Agricultural Library.
BIOSIS Previews*
This is a large database covering all life sciences, including agriculture and biomedicine.  Good coverage on conferences.
CAB Abstracts (CABI)*
International in focus, this comprehensive agricultural database also covers farmed and domesticated animals, and veterinary medicine.  Includes conferences.
Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management
While not the first choice source for avian influenza, there is good coverage of virology and human/ecological health issues.
Bird Flu* from Medline Plus*
Consumer medical information from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health. Very Current.
Coverage includes not only medical scientific information, but also consumer medicine, issues, and life sciences. Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.
Science Citation Index (Web of Science)
Known for its wide coverage of all sciences, this database lacks in its coverage of conferences.
Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide
This database covers the literature on wild mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians, including all aspects of wildlife and wildlife management.
Zoological Record
Comprehensive coverage of zoology, including animal diseases and veterinary studies.

* The Best Resources

Journals at UCD Libraries

Animal Science Journal
Shields Library: SF1 .N5
Avian Diseases*
Carlson Health Sciences: W1 .AV401
Avian Pathology*
Carlson: W1 .AV417
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Carlson: W1 .EM394
Journal of Clinical Microbiology
Carlson: W1 .JO367
Blaisdell: W1 .JO367
Journal of General Virology
Shields: QR360.A1 J48
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association*
Shields: SF601 .A5
Carlson: W1 .AM957
Journal of Veterinary Science
Carlson: W1 .JO988E
Journal of Wildlife Diseases*
Shields: SF997 .A1
Carlson: W1 .JO990M
Shields: Q1 .N3
Carlson: W1 .NA815
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
Shields: Q11 .N14
Physical Sciences & Engineering Library: Q11 .N14
Shields: Q1 .S3 (paper subscription ends in 2005)
Veterinary Medicine
Carlson: W1 .VE912
Veterinary Pathology
Carlson: W1 VE935
Shields: QR360 .A1 V5 (paper subscription ends in 2002)
Carlson: W1 .VI640 (paper subscription ends in 2003)
World's Poultry Science Journal *
Shields: SF481 .W62

*The best resources.

Avian Influenza Web Sites
One-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information. Managed by the Department of Health and Human Services.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Avian Influenza Site.
Information Resources on Avian Influenza
Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) Resource Series No. 33, October 2005.  USDA National Agricultural Library. 
Includes transcript of a USDA Technical Briefing on Avian Influenza, a weblog, and RSS feed.
The Threat of Pandemic Influenza: Are We Ready?, Workshop Summary (2005)
prepared for Forum on Microbial Threats, Board on global Health, Institute of Medicine.  National Academies Press.
UC Davis News and Information