Library Account -- Frequently Asked Questions

In order to check-out books from the University Library collections and use library services you will need an account in our library circulation system.

How do I get a library account?

For most new students, your library account should be set-up automatically. New employees can register at the Faculty/Staff Activation page. If you are not a student or employee or if your library account is not working, you should contact the circulation desk at the nearest branch of the University Library. More information is available at our Library Privileges page

How do I login to my account to renew books or view my check-outs?

  • Students and employees with a Kerberos account should be able to login using their login ID and passphrase. These users should use the Faculty, Staff & Students login page.
  • Proxy Borrowers should use their proxy card number and PIN and use the Other Accounts and Proxies login page.
  • Any other library user without a Kerberos account should be able to login using their library card number and PIN. These users should use the Other Accounts and Proxies login page.

What is my library card number?

  • The 9 digit employee or student id number on your AggieCard
  • The 14 digit barcode on your AggieCard (for older AggieCards).
  • The 11 character number on your UCDHS badge.
  • The 9 digit number on your UCDHS badge (for older badges).
  • For other categories of users, your Library Card Number is the number given to you when you registered for Library privileges.

What is my PIN number?

Your library PIN is a password that works with your library card number. It is strongly recommended that you make your PIN number something different from your Kerberos passphrase. If you need a new PIN or have forgotten your PIN you can use the PIN/Password Reset. A new random PIN will be emailed to you using the email address on file in the library system.

Who should I contact with Kerberos account problems?

On the main UC Davis Campus, Kerberos accounts are managed by Information and Education Technology. If you need to reset your Kerberos passphrase, their labs can be found in many places around campus.

On the UCDHS campus, please see your department's IET account proxy if you need to reset your Kerberos passphrase. IET account proxies are available at the Blaisdell Medical Library if your department does not have a proxy available.

Have library accounts changed?

Yes, we have changed the way that library accounts are handled. New student and employee ID cards no longer have a 14 digit barcode printed on the front. This prompted the library to begin moving away from the 14 digit account number. Access to the library accounts page is available using Kerberos now. For older cards, both the 14 digit barcode numbers and 9 digit account numbers will work from the Other Accounts and Proxies login page.

I am having trouble with placing ILL requests or the My ILL Requests system.

The Melvyl Request system will not work with Kerberos. You will need to use the numeric library account number and a library PIN described above.

My ILL requests have disappeared from the My ILL Requests system, where did they go?

ILL requests in the My ILL Requests system are filed by the account number that was used when the request was placed. If you recently lost or changed library cards, or if you stopped using your 14 digit number and began using a nine digit number, you will only be able to see new requests that were placed using the same number. Your old requests are still active and you can view these requests by using your old barcode. In-person help is available for ILL at each library branch.