Overview of Collections

The Health Sciences Collection

The Health Sciences Libraries collection is housed in two locations, the Carlson Health Sciences Library (HSL) and the Blaisdell Medical Library (BML). The Marjan and Marija Merala Endowment for the Health Sciences was established in 2000 to support the collections of these two libraries. The Birth Defects Collection is funded by a yearly donation from the Sons of Italy which has been supporting the Library since 1978.

Volumes 371,673
Current Serials 1,513
Electronic databases 91
Electronic journals 31,379
Electronic texts and reference resources 300

The figures for Electronic databases and Electronic texts and reference resources represent a subset of the University Library holdings that provides information focused on the health sciences. The figure for Electronic Journals represents the entire University Library collection.

The HSL Collection

The Carlson Health Sciences Library serves the faculty, staff and students of the School of Medicine and the School of Veterinary Medicine. The collection has its strengths in the basic life sciences as they relate to human and animal medicine. The scope of the collection encompasses clinical medicine, veterinary research, and basic medical and veterinary sciences including genetics, virology, immunology, medicine, parasitology, orthopedics, neurology, epidemiology, preventive medicine, and zoonoses. The journal collection is especially strong in the basic sciences and clinical research.

Volumes 327,350
Current Serials 1,247

The BML Collection

The Blaisdell Medical Library serves faculty, staff and students affiliated with the UCD Health System (UCDHS) and supports the School of Medicine's curriculum. The collection contains monographs and serials in the areas of medicine, nursing and patient care. Print serials are retained five to fifteen years and monographs are usually no more than five to ten years old.

There are two specialized collections at the Blaisdell Medical Library — the Civil War Medicine Collection and the Bioethics Collection. The Civil War Collection is the personal collection of Dr. F. William Blaisdell, a UC Davis emeritus professor and a founding father of modern trauma care. The Blaisdell Medical Library is named in honor of Dr. Blaisdell. The Bioethics Collection was begun in 1994 with funds received from Dr. and Mrs. Herlan O. Loyd. The collection honors Dr. C. John Tupper, the first dean of the UC Davis Medical School.

Volumes 44,323
Current Serials 266