Call Numbers

Below you will find an outline of Selected Call Numbers of the material available at the UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries.

BF-QZ Basic Sciences
BF Psychology
H Social Sciences
QH Biology
QL Zoology
QS Human Anatomy
QT Physiology
QU Biochemistry
QV Pharmacology
QW Microbiology and Immunology
QX Parasitology
QY Clinical Pathology
QZ Pathology
SF Veterinary Medicine
SF757 Veterinary Hygiene
SF781-809 Communicable Diseases in Animals
SF810 Veterinary Parasitology
SF811 Circulatory System
SF831 Respiratory System, Nutritional System
SF851-855 Deficiency Diseases
SF867 Dentistry
SF871-889 Urinary and Reproductive Organs
SF890 Mammary Glands
SF891 Eyes, Ears, Throat, etc.
SF895 Nervous System
SF901 Bones, Joints, Muscle and Skin
SF907-909 Horse's Foot and Horseshoeing
SF910 Other diseases and conditions
SF911-913 Veterinary Surgery
SF914 Veterinary Traumatology, Veterinary Emergencies
SF915-919 Veterinary Pharmacology
SF925 Veterinary Physical Medicine
SF951-959 Diseases of Horses
SF961-967 Diseases of Cattle
SF968-969 Diseases of Sheep and Goats
SF971-977 Diseases of Swine
SF985-986 Diseases of Cats
SF991-992 Diseases of Dogs
SF994-995 Avian Diseases
SF996 Diseases of Zoo Animals
SF997 Diseases of Wild Animals
W Human Medicine
W Medical Profession
WA Public Health
WB Practice of Medicine
WC Infectious Diseases
WD100 Deficiency Diseases
WD200 Metabolic Diseases
WD300 Diseases of Allergy
WD400 Animal Poisoning
WD500 Plant Poisoning
WD600 Diseases by Physical Agents
WD700 Aviation and Space Medicine
WE Musculoskeletal System
WF Respiratory System
WG Cardiovascular System
WH Hemic and Lymphatic Systems
WI Gastrointestinal System
WJ Urogenital System
WK Endocrine System
WL Nervous System
WM Psychiatric
WN Radiology
WO Surgery
WP Gynecology
WQ Obstetrics
WR Dermatology
WS Pediatrics
WT Geriatrics, Chronic Disease
WU Dentistry, Oral Surgery
WV Otorhinolaryngology
WW Ophthalmology
WX Hospitals
WY Nursing
WZ History of Medicine