Document Delivery Service (DDS) for Licensed Healthcare Providers

DDS for Licensed Health Care Providers delivers copies of journal articles and book chapters owned by the UC Davis Health Science Libraries to licensed health care providers and representatives of corporations who do not have an institutional library. Other members of the general public may request copies through the Interlibrary Loan services of their local public or institutional libraries.

Health care professionals must register for DDS and submit a copy of their state license and business card before placing requests.

Requests that can not be filled by the UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries may be referred to another institution, for an additional fee.


Registration with the UC Davis Health Sciences Libraries Document Delivery Service is required before placing requests. Users will be contacted with instructions to complete the DDS registration process and to set up a LoansomeDoc account ( Ordering through LoansomeDoc expedites the handling of your requests.

Register for Licensed Health Care Provider DDS

Ordering Options

After the registration process is complete, users may begin ordering. Requests may be submitted directly through PubMed if registered for LoansomeDoc. For items not found in the PubMed database, use the DDS Request form for Licensed Health Care Providers.

Request Processing

Requests are processed on normal working days and will usually be processed within one (1) working day of receipt. This does not include delivery time. A large number of requests from an individual may need to be processed over several days.

Every attempt will be made to fill all orders, but delivery cannot be guaranteed since materials are occasionally in use or missing. Requesters will be notified of delays. Requests must comply with current United States copyright law.

Rush Orders

It is possible for us to place rush orders; please use this option judiciously. We cannot guarantee that lenders will provide rush delivery. You must phone the appropriate Health Sciences Libraries ILL office to alert staff that you have submitted a rush request.

Rush requests noted "PATIENT CARE EMERGENCY" will be processed immediately. Please call the appropriate Health Sciences Libraries ILL office to alert staff of your request.

  • Carlson Health Sciences Library (530) 752‑6379
  • Blaisdell Medical Library (916) 734‑3529

Delivery Options


Most DDS requests will be filled by providing an electronic copy, unless otherwise requested.

Electronic copies are posted to a UC Davis library server. When the item is available, the requester is sent an email with instructions, a web address where the copy is posted, and a unique number for accessing the electronic copy. The electronic copy will be available for 30 days or six (6) downloads.

Some requests may be supplied as photocopies, at the library's discretion.


Photocopies can be delivered via USPS, FedEx or FAX. For FAX delivery, FAX machines must be able to receive at all times.

DDS Fees and Payment

Customers will be invoiced monthly. Credit card and cash payments are not accepted.

Customer Type Copies Copyright Fees Fax Electronic Rush [1] Special Handling [2] LoansomeDoc Transfer [3]
Health Care Providers $11.00 Add $10.00 Add $5.00/30pages No Extra Charge Add $10.00 Add $10.00 Add $11.00
Non-Health Care Providers $15.00 Add $30.00 Add $10.00/30pages No Extra Charge Add $15.00 Add $10.00 Add $11.00
  1. 24-hour turnaround on Rush requests; 4-hour turnaround on urgent Patient Care requests.
  2. Special Handling fee is charged for processing courier delivery and loans shipped outside of the U.S. In addition, borrower is responsible for any courier fees. Submit FedEx account number when placing the request.
  3. LD Transfer fee is charged on LoansomeDoc requests transferred outside of UC Davis for fulfillment.